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Services are fully managed by us. User need to provide e-mail for contact and to pay for expenses of chosen service. After service setup user receives confirmation e-mail with server IP address on which choosen services are hosted where user can check status of paid services. There is no control panel or any other actions required from user.

All services are anonymous, we are not collecting any information or request anything except e-mail and payment

User can request RPC and password if needed and we will configure RPC allow for your IP address

We handle all node and blockchain maintenance, upgrades, security and data backups

No need for any server configuration knowledge or wasting time dealing with node

Every new crypto coin in our system get free block explorer with first node

Our standard delivery time for services is 24h for most crypto coins

Every crypto coin node comes with dedicated IP address

Free hostname for every node

As payment method we accept over 50 crypto coins

24/7 monitoring and uptime check

All services are year based

Accepted coins